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Guest post by Lanny Vincent. Letters to the Editor are reprinted in full and may or may not reflect opinions of the Editor. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

After David Chavern of the News Media Alliance stated in his editorial that the print media would begin to filter out fake news, it appears that he has failed. It looks like the Associated Press is trying to run neck and neck with CNN and MSNBC in leading the fake news segment.

In his article by the AP’s Adam Causey concerning the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, I felt that there was no way that the AP could blame this one on President Trump. Yet again, the AP continues to amaze me. Starting in the very first paragraph, Causey quotes a Hispanic Democrat activist, who tragically lost a father to the bombing. He criticizes Trump’s comments when Trump made the statement that “some Mexicans are killers and rapists.”

Well the truth of the matter is, Trump’s right. If you check the Kentucky State Police website, there are presently 36 people list as wanted fugitives. Twenty-one of the 36 are Hispanic and God only knows if they are here legally.

Nowhere in the article does Causey mention the incidents precipitating the Oklahoma City bombing. He failed to mention Bill Clinton and Janet Reno’s mishandling of the Ruby Ridge and Branch Dividian massacres. At Ruby Ridge in 1992, 14 year-old Sammy Weaver and his dog were killed by Federal agents. A day later, an unarmed Vickie Weaver was shot and killed by a Federal sniper. State charges were brought against the sniper in the killing of Vickie Weaver but Clinton and Reno got it squashed. Randy Weaver was awarded $3.1 million dollars in a civil lawsuit. About a year later, 76 people were killed by Federal agents at the Branch Dividian Compound in Waco, Texas. Most of the people were killed when volatile CS gas was ignited by CS canister grenades.

But yet, Causey can only mention President Trump in his article.

The AP’s arrogance offends me. It appears they have the same attitude that the Huffington Post has in that they feel that Trump supporters are all uneducated rednecks from “Podunksville.”  We’re not. As a matter of fact, most of us are highly educated and more importantly, taxpayers. Hillary Clinton lost, so the AP needs to get over it. They need to report the news accurately and fairly.

Lanny Vincent
B.S., Indiana University
M.S., Eastern Kentucky University
Buffalo, KY