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Time to Contact our Representatives about Samuel Girod

It’s time to start sending letters, emails, calls to the 8 elected representatives below (9 if you count Melania). Here’s the plan in two steps:

STEP 1: Have your letter and social media post handy in a text doc. You can copy and paste from the examples below or click here to download samples, then edit as you like.

STEP 2: Open each person’s website/social media, copy and paste your note, and send. Click here to jump to the addresses.

I tweeted, facebooked and emailed everyone in less than 20 minutes!


At the very least, our elected representatives must know that PLENTY of people care about an Amish KY farmer being railroaded into prison by an out of control federal agency.

Sam is 56, so even a paltry 20 years (of the 68 possible) could be a life sentence. And the feds might be able to take his farm if the judge makes the fine big enough.

All this over an innocent labeling infraction. Read the entire story here.

STEP 1: WHAT to Say

Examples below — it’s best to put in your own words so that every letter does not sound exactly the same. But if you don’t have time for that, copy and paste! Click here to download samples, then edit as you like.

TWEETS The following tweet is exactly the right # of characters. If you edit, make sure it’s no longer.

Did you know the FDA is jailing a KY Amish farmer for life over a label? He needs YOUR help now! #freeamishsam


Did you know the FDA is jailing a KY Amish farmer for life over an innocent labeling infraction? He needs YOUR help now! Read the story at ( Please let me know what you will do to keep this insanity from happening to other innocent Americans, and that you will do everything in your power to help secure a Presidential pardon for Samual Girod. We are ALL at risk! #freeamishsam #thefreedomcoalition


Dear ___________,

Ky Amish farmer Samuel Girod has been railroaded by the FDA into prison over an innocent labeling infraction on an all-natural salve that his family has made for 20 years with no complaints and no victims. He’s facing up to 68 years and $3M in fines.

Sam is currently in prison awaiting sentencing on June 30th, 2017. He is 56yo, has lived his whole life without electricity, the salve business has supported his family of 12 children and 25 grandchildren for 2 decades. Again, no complaints, no victims.

The FDA is the perfect example of a runaway federal bureaucracy making laws, then using them to bully innocent Americans. The FDA spent 16 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to harass the Girods, destroying their quiet Amish farm life, then convicting Sam of the most outrageous charges!

What happened to Samuel Girod can happen to any small business owner in America. Details here:

We Americans are ALL at risk from the FDA and other over-reaching federal agencies! If you doubt that, check out There are literally thousands of innocent Americans in U.S. prisons for breaking a law made up out of thin air by an agency bureaucrat.

Please let me know what you will do to keep this insanity from happening to other innocent Americans.

Finally, and most importantly today, I am counting on you to resolve this outrageous injustice and do your part to secure a Presidential pardon for Samuel Girod.


Sincerely, (your name and title)

For Trump’s letter, make sure to ask for a presidential pardon directly: “…injustice and sign a Presidential pardon for Samuel Girod.”

STEP 2: WHO + Addresses

Be nice in your missives, please. We don’t know why politicians are silent, but they must have a reason. Let’s assume it’s valid. Keep in mind that Sam needs friends in high places. Let’s not alienate the very people who can help him.

TO EMAIL: Go to each website and use their form, all contact info below:

  • KY Congressman Thomas Massie — He’s at least been sympathetic to the issue. You can only email him if you live in his district. Mailing and phone are at the bottom of the page. Phone & Mail, Email | Facebook | Twitter

HOW Often?

Once a week. There are over 26,000 of us, that’s a big weekly voice! If we make contact only once, it will have minimal impact. We are aiming for BIG CONTACT so let’s do this weekly!!! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

Tips for Efficiency

Ain’t nobody got time for dis! Here’s how I made it as efficient as possible.

  1. Open your handy doc with your missives for easy copy and paste
  2. TWEETS — took me just 2 minutes to do them all! Open all the twitter pages at once (right click on each Twitter link above and “open link in new tab”). There is a “Tweet to Person” link under the profile pix (see Matt’s screenshot below). Click that, paste the tweet in the window, hit Tweet, close the tab, next. Tweet your representatives!
  3. FACEBOOK: either go to each person’s FB page (right click and open in a new tab) and make a comment on an existing post (any post, it doesn’t matter, pick one you like). OR do a post on YOUR timeline and “tag” everyone. All tags and instructions are on the word doc above. (I did a single post and tagged everyone, it took less than a minute!)
  4. EMAIL: Open all the email pages (right click and open in new tab), then copy and paste each letter one after the other. This part took me 13 minutes total.

For those of you who don’t live in Kentucky, you might take a few extra seconds and email your state reps. Tell them to “Rein in the federal agencies. Do not let this happen in our state!”

Please share your letters/tweets in the comments so others can see them and get ideas for their missives — thank you!!!

#freeamishsam #thefreedomcoalition

Sally Oh

Sally Oh

Sally Oh is a native Kentuckian, wife, mother, blogger, homesteader, chickenista, recovering REALTOR® and Functional Medicine Practitioner. A liberty activist and registered voter, that’s her falling down a rabbit hole.
Sally Oh

29 comments to Time to Contact our Representatives about Samuel Girod

  • Tanya M

    I found this sight when looking up Sam Girod as I was curious to see if anything is currently being done about his situation. I live in Wisconsin and this just breaks my heart. Are you all aware that the FDA is forming a NEW policy to REGULATE homeopathic treatments and “crack down” on the sales of such products? Sam was definitely being used as an example of what will happen if you don’t play by their rules. The FDA is taking “public comments” until March 28th on this matter….please take a minute to respond and then contact your representatives and let them know how you feel about this egregious FDA overreach. Question….is there any kind of fundraising page, etc set up for Sam and his family,fine costs? I will keep this going…you know how people are….on to the next thing…..he needs to be kept in the forefront

    • Hi Tanya, yes I did hear about the homepathic products. Ridiculous! Do you have a link we can share to make comments?

      The best way to get money to Sam’s family is to send a check to Elizabeth Girod, 409 Satterfield Lane, Owingsville, KY 40360.

      Yes, please share the link to the story: and encourage people to sign the petition. The case is now in appeals with very little hope of success. As soon as the appeals are exhausted, we will work to have him moved to Ashland KY and pursue a presidential pardon (that’s what the petition is

      Thank you!!!

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  • Keith Taylor

    Sounds like a Witch-Hunt by supposed Christians, for the sake of their evil agendas…………They are from a Den of Vipers. A real Christian jury would have put that judge in his place for they have the power to judge the facts…and…the law! Everyone PLEASE sign the petition, as Mr.Girod’s land/property and the dismantling of his families work and heritage is on the line!!!

  • Michael Jack Stephens

    The courts Administrative judge was suppose to appoint Samuel a assistant of counsel in all criminal cases where jail time may be the outcome. Even if he did not want a counsel, he was supposed to be appointed one anyway, because his lose who be jail time. This is one error. The second error, is you all need to petition the court for a new trial, and less get this man out of jail…there are plenty of law research students and people like myself who can and will do the research necessary to get a new trial based on new evidence. the time may be passed already be it will be worth a try. Also we need to file a law suit against the FDA agent who lie under oath, and also all agents who took pictures at their home after they were told not too. This is also a chargable error. Samuel was and is still entitled to intangible honesty services (18 usc 1346) even from the government agencies who have lie..file a lawsuit people…someone do something to help this man and quit just talking about it…make a move.

  • Kay

    Actually, there have been several studies that show positive results from using bloodroot cream on skin conditions, including some cancers. I have used Mr. Girod’s To-Mor-Gone cream, which contains bloodroot, and my skin tags were gone in two weeks with no scarring.

  • LaNell Barrett

    Though the cancer cure claim is false, so are the cancer cure claims on everything.
    And weight loss claims.
    And saggy skin cures.
    And wrinkle erasers…
    Point made?
    Being originally from Ky, I really take offense at my home state politicians not nipping this lawsuit in the bud.
    WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY…though the Amish pay llittle to no taxes.
    Shameless attorneys!

  • Betty Borkholder

    That is outrageous 68 yrs? Are you kidding me, that is so ridiculous, people that do heinous crimes don’t even get that much, have you lost your mind. Please free Sam, he is not a criminal

  • […] Time to Contact our Representatives about Samuel Girod […]

  • […] STEP 2: Open each person’s website/social media, copy and paste your note, and send. Click here to jump to the addresses. […]

  • […] STEP 2: Open each person’s website/social media, copy and paste your note, and send. Click here to jump to the addresses. […]

  • Please, don’t steal all of our faith in you. If Mr. Sam, the Amish gentleman is convicted and Goes to jail, my last thread will be broken. How? How could you possibly allow this. Look around you!!! The world is falling apart. Drug addiction is beyond rampant. The lies, deceit, manipulation in our government…in our world…and you want to send this man to prison? This is surreal. Seriously, PLEASE, IM BEGGING….DO NOT SEND HIM TO PRISON. PARDON HIM. THIS IS UTTERLY A RIDICULOUS SITUATION. MUST EVERYTHING BE ABOUT MONEY….
    Carla Hensley

  • Rena

    To – Lou M Howe. Do you believe that chemo cures cancer. Wrong! Chemo is what killed my Mother & my Husband’s grandmother, not the cancer. The FDA does not allow for any other alternative to chemo for cancer treatment. There are other remedies that have and do eliminate cancer cells from within a body. I believe than other cancer remedies need to be explored by anyone who has cancer and is fighting for their life. Their life is important enough to have all available options at their disposal. Chemo is poisonous chemicals that the FDA and pharmacy companies found a way to make lots of money off of. This trial is an embarrassment to the word justice and the American way. I wonder who paid off the FDA to get this man persecuted.

  • Kaz Smith

    The Federal Death Agency aka FDA is out of control and lacks proper oversight. Their ‘approved’ drugs have killed millions. Attorney Robert Kennedy indicates that corruption within the CDC and FDA is well known. How did Kentucky ALLOW the Federal Agents to do this. The local Sheriff should have brought the Agents to book and made them present the evidence to the local Judge. This case, one of so many, is a shocking indictment of American justice and the individual States surrendering their power to the Federal Government at the expense of its citizens. Here in Ireland there would be uproar if the authorities tried a stunt like this. They tried to impose water charges and people took to the streets and the government had to back down. Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE

  • John Scherer

    Just sent the letter to Governor Matt Bevin’s e-mail account.

  • Lou M Howe

    So you don’t care that he fraudulently claims to be able to cure cancer?

    What about the people who wasted their money thinking this junk would shrink their tumors?

    Or that he thumbed his nose at the judicial system by not showing up for court dates?

    Or that he has threatened witnesses.

    ALL he had to do was stop lying about curing cancer, but he kept lying and acted like because he was Amish that the laws didn’t apply to him. I grew up with a lot of Amish and they are all law abiding, patriotic people.

    This guy should go to jail for scamming cancer patients!

    The government does a lot of crappy things and should be held accountable, but rallying around this scam artist is a waste of time.

    • I’m just wondering why you bother to make up this stuff. You either have nothing better to do or you have a dog in the fight. Were you on the jury? Do you work for the FDA? You go right ahead and believe whatever the masters tell you is the truth.

      • Jackie

        Ms./Mr. Howe’s comment gives much credence to the quote “Ignorance is Bliss”; however when you continue with the quote, as in “Ignorance is Bliss, but Knowledge is Power”, you basically do not need to say anything else! It never ceases to amaze, *ahem* amuse me how people who are not knowledgeable about a topic still feel the need to quickly display their ignorance by often making slanderous comments before they have taken the time to explore and be assured that what they reference when speaking or writing is correct. Similarly, a person who believes everything that they see, hear or read, tends to jump to conclusions before getting his or her facts straight. So instead of people acting sensibly, the are more apt to RE-act erroneously. We should all THINK more before we ACT and REACT. Thank you!

    • David Parker

      Caveat emptor.
      The scum that call themselves government have no standing to intervene.
      This same trash murdered some eighty men women and children at Waco all over getting some headlines for BATF funding,
      murdered Randy Weaver’s son and wife over a sting operation to strike out against people like Randy Weaver who wanted above all else to have nothing to do with government,
      staged a false flag attack against the militia movement (constitutional government) with the high tech destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in OK City in which innocent women and children were killed but brave FBI and BATF agents were not owing to the fact they had been tipped off about the planned bombing,
      covered up the US Navy shootdown of TWA 700 with duplicitous lies and total corruption of the NTSB,
      and set up the false flag 9/11 massacre to justify highly profitable wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and the door is still open on Syria and Iran.
      It will never stop as long as there is a “deep” state for entrenched parasite bureaucrats that provides food and shelter at the expensive of we the productive people.

  • Don Grove

    Do we know who at FDA did this? Those individuals belong in prison, not Sam. These are not public servants. They are predators who have legal and ethical obligations that they have clearly breached.

    • I don’t know… There were many agents over the 16 years. You speak truth! I would include the judge in that list of people who have breached their legal and ethical obligations. He was no impartial referee.

  • Thank you, Bruce! See you in a week :)

  • Bruce

    This is a GREAT example of effective liberty activism. Thank you Sally! Well written, great recommendations, and I greatly appreciate how you made it as easy as possible for us. I’ll write my own short email. I’m following the links you provided. I had contact info for many of these representatives, but you made it so easy. I’m emailing right now! (See below)


    I attended Sam Girod’s entire trial and while I’m usually a big fan of the jury trial, I was embarrassed for my country by this gross miscarriage of justice. I can only assume that Sam attempting to represent himself allowed the prosecutor to stack the jury to ensure a guilty verdict. There is no way a jury that represents Kentucky values would have convicted an Amish farmer for selling an herbal salve that had harmed nobody. This is a textbook example of big government bureaucracy run amuck. The FDA approves countless harmful drugs every year and provides cover for the manufacturers of these dangerous drugs, yet the FDA apparently has hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to persecute an Amish farmer who has harmed nobody. The only just outcome now would be a presidential pardon. Please investigate the facts of this case and work for a just outcome. Let us not find ourselves saying, “First they came for the Amish, but I’m not Amish so I did nothing. Now they’ve come for me.”

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