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Mailing address: 1390 Flemingsburg Rd Ste 117, Morehead, KY 40351

Have You Suffered an Injustice?

KyFreePress can expose the wrongdoing. The ONLY reason judges, jailers, public officials and employees get away with their crimes is because nobody knows about them. A little sunshine goes a long way toward stopping abuse.

Read about Joel Naselroad’s case here, here, here and, finally, here.

Since our exposé on the crimes against Joel Naselroad, we’ve been receiving phone calls from Kentuckians who are suffering an injustice.

Remember, once your story is told, others will come forward. You are not alone.

To report the injustice to us, just send an email with the whole story, as much detail as possible. We will put in article form and print (you will get to review it first).

If you’d like your story to be anonymous, just say so and we’ll change the names/locations to protect your identity.