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Read about Joel Naselroad’s case here, here, here and, finally, here.

Since our exposé on the crimes against Joel Naselroad, we’ve been receiving phone calls from Kentuckians who are suffering an injustice.

Remember, once your story is told, others will come forward. You are not alone.

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  • Regarding the Smart Meter:

    I am a PhD health researcher and recently attended a cancer conference in CA sponsored by the. Cancer Control Society There were many speakers at the conference, MD’s, DO’s, PhD’s, etc talking about the harmful effects from cell phones and smart meters. The research is now starting to come in. EMF even damages the reproductive organs- so many couples are trying to get pregnant- look to your wifi and emf sources in your home.

    There’s a good book summarizing the health effects called. “EMF Freedom” by Elizabeth Plourdes who herself was very ill from exposure to EMF- electromagnetic frequency energy.

    When I came home from the conference I saw a man outside installing a smart meter on our home. I told him we didn’t want it and he said” Too bad, it’s the law. And after I am done here in PA, I am going to Ohio to install them.”

    We are powerless to control what is happening even in and on our own homes. In PA we have no “opt out.” The legislature passed this law- none of us knew about it. I asked the installer how we can get our analog meter back – he said that I can’t and that I would have to shut off the power to stop using the digital meter. I went to visit my cousin in VA and she also had a digital meter and didn’t know that some installer and come and switched her meter.

  • nancy a stadtlander

    We really need to come together over the Smart Meter/Smart Meter issue. I had no idea so much work had to done to show our Commission how dangerous this technology is. I understand that the technology is being pushed onto all of us. Our own government is subsidizing this life threatening fiasco. We need to all stand up together. I for one am fighting to get my analog meter back. Kenergy’s representative lied to me and told me it was not a Smart Meter they were installing. I will no longer be so naïve. I have paid dearly from the meter and the Smart Grid. Their bare electric wires are broadcasting pure tones as well as microwave radiation into our environment. How do I know about the pure tones? I Hear Them. All day 24/7 they drone and groan this horrible creepy electric diesel engine tune. The very voice of nature herself is being usurped by the horrible tones. I have a case number at the Commission now. In fact I have 2 case numbers. If you are concerned about the Smart Grid/Smart Meter health impacts please call me at 270 922-6842. Our movement needs to grow. Please sign my petition:

    • Hi Nancy, I’ve signed and shared the petition and will keep doing so. Have you made plans to present the petition to anyone? Who is your US Congressman? Who are your state reps?

  • Tara

    There were over 2000 studies and research documents filed with Kentucky Public Service Commission Case File 2012-00428 regarding the damages caused to the health of People, Pets, Plants, Trees, and Wildlife by the wireless meters being installed by the utility companies.

    Ky PSC and the Ethics commission have completely ignored this documentation and passive aggressively made it impossible for interested parties to attend the public meetings. The Consumer Advocate for Kentucky blatantly ignored all the damages and privacy violations.

    Chem-trails being sprayed over Kentucky and all other states are just adding insult to injury! Now that the wireless meters are being installed, Kentucky is losing 1000’s of homes to fires, trees to disease caused by the radiation exposure, birds, bats and other wildlife becoming ill and dying because of the exposure and millions sick and dying because they are exposed at work, at home, and in their environment!

    The documentation is solid and very obvious and yet the media will not report on it!

    Medical Doctors, Arborists, Entomologists, Ornothologists, and many others are misdiagnosing the health problems because they aren’t looking at the cause!

    The direct correlation is the installation of the wireless meters to the water, gas and electric!

    After this….everyone and every living thing starts succombing to some form of symptoms and then eventually disease process!

    Those who don’t believe this is the cause are delusional and lack common sense and observational skills!

    If we don’t stop these installations and the corrupt criminal activity of the Ky PSC Members as well as the utility companies….we will loose everything!

    Drive through the neighborhoods and look at all the dying trees! Notice the birds are few and far between! Notice the bees are dying and the ants, fleas, spiders, and mosquitoes are taking over! (They are drawn to the dirty electricity.)

    It’s so simple! No wireless meters…..healthy ecosystem.

    Wireless AMR, AMI, ERT, Smart Meters, installed…..Ecosystem Dying!

    BTW….How disgusting is it that Kentucky Utilities (Duke Energy) and Kentucky American Water help fund Arbor Day and yet they are the companies installing the devices that are killing our ecosystem and all of us!

    Wake Up Kentucky!

  • Jimmy Kie

    Very interested in speaking to someone about a situation that has happened to my family. Could you tell me where in Kenutcky your located or how to reach one of your reporters? Thanks

  • Elizabeth

    I want people in KY to know that they are unknowingly having smart meters….aka AMI meters installed on their homes and businesses. These meters are causing health problems in many many people…..not to mention the fire risk they pose and the privacy issues. I have been told since KY doesn’t have an opt out option (yet!!!) that we don’t have a choice to not be poisoned in our own home. Do we still go by the Constitution??! Is this still a free county?!?! Please educate people on this topic and encourage people to speak up, stand up and fight for their health and freedom. Contact your representatives and utilities stating your concerns, and stand firm that you do not want this ‘technology’ on your home.

  • I think that is really sad that this paper,attacks people in it. If there is a court trial, the people that are involved in it, doesn’t need to be victimized in the paper! Really the truth is that he and his family got caught, and lying about the whole story. What is wrong with people, be a mom, be a man, and stand up and say that you were in the wrong and stop using social media to point fingers at other people, when you did wrong. And the paper needs to get their facts straight before posting some lies about innocent people that were in the right!! Good way to get sued!!!!

  • Tom Summers for City Council

    Hardin county Vine Grove city council candidate. Non partisan race, but I am a very strong conservative. I recently worked very hard campaigning for Matt Bevin for senate and Alan Claypool for state rep 10th dist.

  • Richard Treitz

    Please change of the candidate web page for Kentucky State House 24th to

  • Conflict of Interest

    NewsTipMaybe – The USDA provides incentives for states to “find” fraud … per USDA publications, rules and regulations, the USDA pays states 35%, 25% or 0% if states “find” fraud or “errors” via JP Morgan records (JP monitors every EBT transaction), “allegations” from “anonymous tips,” suspicions of fraud, etc – An example of suspected fraud – (even though reports of income below 130% of poverty are NOT required until a month of income exceeds 130% of poverty guideline $1,245 for a sinlge person living alone, if recipient fails to report ANY income, a “Suspected Intentional Program Violation” – Class D Felony FRAUD is reported and “investigated” by the DCBS … Alas, with incentives provided by the USDA, for example, if states issue a recipient a “suspected” fraud (suspected intentional program violation” notice, and recipients sign the notice and return the notice with their signature waiving their rights to an “administrative hearing” to “show fraud has been committed” the state will collect 35% of what the state has calculated as an overissuance due to, for example, unreported income EVEN if the income is not required to be reported by an individual. The amount collected is calculated by “sometimes estimating” the difference between benefits received and what the state calculates as “benefits due” … alas, per USDA regulations, the state must send “suspected fraud” households/individuals a notice of suspected fraud with an opt to sign a waiver for an administrative hearing which AUTOMATICALLY, per USDA and state law, deems the accused person as having committed an Intentional Program Violation Class D Felony in KY – and 35% of “recovered” money awarded to the state … This entire provision, attached to finding fraud is a conflict of interest since states receive up to 35% of funds “recovered” in cases the state tags as “Suspected Intentional Program Violations” In other words, the worse the claim, the more payment/recovery the state receives or “keeps” … All of the aforementioned is verifiable through the web site, and any of not all state’s websites highlighting rules and regulations of USDA programs available to the needy … How has this not appeared in the news as part of “fraud” stories … I am an ex-reporter who is very curious about how the public would react if these provisions were relayed in an easy to understand format … of course, every “fraud” story reported assumes fraud allegations are 100% valid. But, in many cases the allegations of fraud are NOT true, but recipients of “suspected intentional program violations” (fraud – class D felony in KY) notices are too scared to “attend a hearing” and sign the form, thereby waiving their consitiutional rights of due process, and agreeing to pay back an amount calculated (yet, not checked by an impartial third party) by the state as “an overissuance.” Interestingly, Per USDA publications, an overissuancd can not occur when a recipient is not required to report something, yet in many cases in Kentucky, if a recipient has income that is not reported during a “recertification” EVEN when reporting is not required (month income is less than 130% of poverty income) a “SIPV” notice is “issued … It’s a catch-22 or entrapment for citizens … and the worst part? DCBS tells citizens they do NOT need an attorney, even though a suspected intentional program violation is a class D felony … and what a person signs can be used against him/her in court … it’s a very interesting conflict of interest that is buried within KY DCBS handbooks and the web site …

    • Sally_Oh

      That is very interesting. Thank you. It’s all a revenue game and once a felon, you can’t vote or own a gun. I will keep this on the back burner and do an article and hopefully some follow up.

  • Kyle

    Operation Unite is a Kentucky movement in law enforcement, with federal oversight as well as state, and local governments, to go after pill sellers and or buyers. This does little to stop the real issues; Florida doctors allowing this to happen, lack of good jobs in Kentucky, and closing of factories, mines, basically fertilizing the pill and drug problem, this includes hard drugs like meth, but pot seems easiest to go after, and this is the breadwinner item for Operation Unite, allowing them to continue being funded by tax payers.

  • Editor

    What is operation unite?

  • bob moore

    how can I determine the total funding for operation unite for a given year. are there any available records of expenditures?

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