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Representatives & District Maps

Who are your Kentucky Representatives? Find them here plus links to their websites. Tell them what you think. Otherwise, they’ll keep getting it wrong.

Kentucky U.S. Congressional Districts

Kentucky Congressional Districts MapSenators
Sen. Mitch McConnell [R]

Sen. Rand Paul [R]

#1: Rep. Ed Whitfield [R]

#2: Rep. Brett Guthrie [R]

#3: Rep. John Yarmuth [D]

#4: Rep. Thomas Massie [R]

#5: Rep. Hal Rogers [R]

#6: Rep. Andy Barr [R]

Kentucky General Assembly

Go here to find your KY House and Senate reps.

This quick video shows you how to use the mapping tool.

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15 comments to Representatives & District Maps

  • Michelle y. Walker

    I would like to know who I can talk to or write about fathers getting a fair shake when it comes to custody of their child. No matter how good the father is or how bad the mother is, Kentucky courts still side with the mother. I don’t understand why they think the mother is always the
    better parent. No matter how many cps charges they have, the mother still has the advantage. When will Kentucky understand that this is not the 1950’s and fathers are just as capable of taking care of kids as mothers. WHY!!!

    • I’m so sorry! I can’t explain it BUT I suspect that it’s political correctness, particularly for judges who are elected. Mom’s are the sacred cow in family court… Another reason to have family court be public instead of secret. My heart goes out to you.

  • Elsie Whisman

    We want a complete investigation into Trump and his administration on Russia!! DO YOUR JOB!!

  • Kenzie

    Which district is Mitch McConnell?

    • U.S. Senators, Mitch and Rand, represent the entire state. They do have employees who are district reps. You can find out who your district rep is by calling Mitch’s KY office. Just search it and you’ll find that info.

      U.S. Representatives represent districts.

  • Kathy Cisney

    The closing of Beverdamn rest stop is of great concern . It’s
    in the middle of winter. Many traveling through our state rely
    on that service. If the reported information is true that those employees
    had a two day worning of that closure is true it is inhumane. I am a
    Western Kentucky native. I have traveled
    that road for 40 years. This year since our new Governor
    the parkway showed no attention to the maintenance
    of mowing and keeping growth from the road edge of trees. Enough
    Is enough as a true born living Kentuckian traveling to Western
    Kentucky this is outrageous and shows zero respect for the love of our state.

    • Hi Kathy, thank you for sharing that. I’m not sure the Governor is aware of every single thing the road department does. I would call the governor’s office in Frankfort, ask who is in charge of those decisions and make a formal request/complaint. Can you do that? I think most bureaucrats think nobody is paying attention. We need to let them know that WE ARE!!!

  • Jack Hyde

    Is it legal to ship alcoholic beverages into Kentucky from other states?

  • Where can I get the current and past populations of these districts?

  • Took me forever to figure out the new system, but I finally did (by accident). Here’s how to use the LRC mapping tool:

    The airport has Stan Lee as Rep (district 45) and Tom Buford as Senator (district 22).

  • Do you know who the state representative and state senator from the state of Kentucky are whose district includes the Lexington Blue Grass Airport?

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